Server Application Development

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SQL is one of the most popular programming language used for managing RDBMS databases. Itís extremely powerful and efficient for optimizing queries even on huge datasets. It is widely considered to be a starter point for new businesses for all their management tasks.

An SQL Application for your new startup can be a great tool to manage resources by keeping everything in check because after all, a simple spreadsheet can only do so much in the end. But itís usage extends way beyond that. Huge databases are built using different SQL based systems like MySQL and PostgreSQL that are used to manage data of the users. Some web giants that started out with SQL were Facebook (which even today uses a variant of the Apache Hive project called HiveQL), YouTube worked with MySQL but later built an extension on top of that is known as Vitesse today. Point being, SQL is extremely well tested and hardened and even with new and upcoming technologies based off of NoSQL like MongoDB and Apache Ignite, SQL has somehow managed to remain relatively untouched because people understand that the speed, efficiency and security that relational databases can provide is not comparable to anything else.

Client Server Application

It goes without saying that you need a management tool to utilize all the resources that you can pool into the backend. Itís important to build a safe and trusted Client-Server relationship so that the data and the operations performed on it can go unshifted by attackers. This is why a good client-side app should accompany a great server-side database. Plus, most users arenít going to care about what technology you use behind the screens if everything loads fast enough, what they are going to care about is the look and feel of the software.

Some compare the design of a piece of software to be even more important than the actual thing itself and to some extent, that is true. The frontend is the first impression that the user has and itís those first two or three minutes of them browsing around that will ultimately make or break that lasting mindset regarding it. Thus, good looks and a smart brain doesnít only work in the real world but in the 0s and 1s as well.

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